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Customer Testimonials

"Kate and Dave have to be admired for their genuine and sincere rapport with children, young adults and adults alike.

In my past dealings with Kate especially, she has offered affirmative encouragement and advice to my teenage daughter. Kate has a wonderful way of listening, without being judgemental or condescending.

Kate’s understanding, patience and acceptance of my daughter’s “unique and sometimes challenging personality, with a vast array of likes and dislikes” has lead to them forming a genuine connection over the span of many years.

As a mother, I truly value this connection, as words coming from another person often hold more weight than from a parent!!

A grateful Mum"

"I have been seeing Dave for counselling for the last 6 months after a severe nervous breakdown and he has helped me turn my life around. I knew I needed help and I sought out Dave’s help and he freely gave it. He straight away knew that I needed counselling on a regular basis. He helped me identify my problems with practical easy ideas that were easy to understand and I felt really comfortable with.

I was most impressed with his professionalism, but also his easy going manner, how he reads a situation, and also his empathy shown to me.

I would not hesitate for 1 second to recommend Dave’s counselling skills to anyone who needs his help.

Steve "

"Dave’s client counselling is exceptional. Clients he dealt with where both diverse in nature and had complex needs. He is able to be an effective listener, helping clients navigate and confront their own problems. His ability to lead conversation to the real issue and prompt timely questions greatly quickened client results. Dave has assisted our clients in their personal development, emotional reflection and to better understand the nature of their addictions.

Eddy Rogers

Manager Living Free Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Program"

"Kate is fantastic!! Provides a safe and really comfortable environment. Has been really helpful over the years


"Kate is a very caring person who is easy to talk to and always listens to what I have to say. She has been able to assist me with many different challenges in life over a long period of time. I would recommend her to anyone who is seeking counselling


"Dave has a strong ability to build relationship and to help people find new realisations in themselves. He has helped me to develop personally and professionally and to navigate life's obstacles and milestones. His invaluable insight has enabled me to step into new opportunities and to challenge negative behaviours. I am very grateful for his invaluable support.





"I’ve been seeing Dave for just over 10 months, and as an adolescent I find it very easy to speak to him about anything and everything, he has helped me on my journey through life and has helped me grow as a person positively. Dave has a fantastic ability to really connect with you as a person, I got extremely lucky by being counselled by him, thank you so much Dave :)




"I have been seeing Dave for close to a year now and his counselling is the best I have ever received. His ability to walk with you on your journey and to show genuine empathy is outstanding. His clear humility, honesty and care show in every aspect of his work and I would recommend Dave to anyone seeking counselling. He has helped me completely turn my life around for the better and has helped me build a loving understanding of myself whilst tying my faith into everything we have done. He clearly has the training but also more importantly the empathy and care that merge so well with his approach to therapeutic intervention. 10 out of 10. 





"Kate has listened to my story and supported me in a way that I have been able to heal myself of past traumas.

She is very approachable and I felt very comfortable sharing with her as we built up a client/ counsellor relationship over the months.

I’m feeling very grateful that Kate had the skills to navigate ways to unpack my story and for me to experience that light bulb moment of realising where the triggers are coming from and what tools to have in my tool box moving forward 😊

Feeling thankful 🙏 



"The kindest of hearts, the strongest of guidance. Go looking for the good in your world and you too will find the Floods! Fkn love these guys!


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